Reflection, A Different Kind of Year

Shirley Fulton-Deugo
By Shirley Fulton, 4th Generation Owner

Every maple season brings a unique set of surprises but 2020 will be remembered for having more than its fair share. Reflection is second nature at Fulton’s but even that process brings about new questions for our team this year. Maybe you can help us navigate some of these unknowns…?

It’s June, and like every June, our annual maple syrup season is put to bed and our focus turns to “what’s next?”

Our plans always have an element of reflection and during a normal season, Scott, Team Awesome and myself chat with so many of you. From those short and sometimes longer chats, you share your thoughts, ideas and concerns with us.

We review our seasonal feedback cards and the notes we’ve carefully jotted down over the winter and spring months.

We truly missed all the interaction with you this year and more than ever, we need your help churning out ideas as we move forward in a “new normal” we’ve never experienced before. Here are some thoughts that are running through my mind these days. Maybe you can help:

  • Fundraising for our local sports clubs, museums, our vital not-for-profit groups and regional corporate events have all come to an abrupt halt, but we know expenses and commitments must be met. Can you envision a sweet maple fundraiser for your group? Let’s talk.
  • The comfort and ease of online shopping/phone orders have become very familiar, but with extraordinary volume comes postal and courier delays. When would you like to hear about our Christmas packages? What timeline will you require to get a maple package off to a loved one? What maple products are your family favourites? What will make the perfect gift? We’re eager to be organized for you and would love your feedback.
  • How do you envision Maple Season 2021 at Fulton’s? It’s hard to predict where we will be with COVID-19 safety precautions at that time, but your ideas to safely adapt while still offering a maple experience would be welcomed. We know that many of you have been coming to Fulton’s for several generations and we sure want to continue your traditions as much as we can.

You, our customers, have directed our business for many years. Regardless if your suggestions were large or small, we always carefully considered every one and we thank you! So…at this time, we look to you once again and kindly ask you to put your thinking cap on.

Reach out to me with your thoughts and innovative ideas; an email to is best. I am excited to hear from you!

Author: Fulton's Sugar Bush & Maple Shop

Our family has been tapping majestic sugar maples on our farm in Pakenham, Ontario since 1840. We are proud to nurture a strong connection to our forest, our customers, and our community. We enjoy working together and crafting quality products in small batches with love for you.

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