Friendly Collaboration in Almonte

Almonte, Ontario has been referred to as the friendly town for some time…That’s because it’s all about community support and working together.

Maple Leaf Cookies

Maple Leaf Shortbread Cookies

Have no fear! We’ve got all the old recipes and we will be posting them here as soon as we can. Hope this quick classic cookie recipe helps with your holiday baking…

Shirley in her maple mask

Shirley’s Scribbles – Christmas Planning 2020

What a wonderful fall! I enjoyed every weekend flippin’ pancakes on the porch at Cedar Hill Christmas Tree Farm.

Grant's Wheat

Grant’s Wheat – Our New Pancake Mix

Well – all the planets aligned and we now have a Fulton’s signature Pancake Mix – it’s organic, delicious, and homemade just for you.

Maple Cheesecake Apples

We love to enjoy the seasonal treats! What goes better with fall than a warm apple dessert that is made with pure maple goodness?!

Shirley's Scribbles

Shirley’s Scribbles – Fall 2020

We missed seeing many of you during our spring season. It has been great to receive your kind emails, phone calls and orders of maple syrup.


Reflection, A Different Kind of Year

Every maple season brings a unique set of surprises but 2020 will be remembered for having more than its fair share.

Maple Rhubarb Crisp

Rhubarb grows bountifully in the Ottawa Valley every summer so this recipe is great if you — or someone you know — has an abundance of rhubarb.


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