Maple Infusions

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Pair / Share / Indulge

Chocolate – with special thanks to our friends at Hummingbird Chocolate

A delightful garnish over cheesecake & ice cream or a glaze on scones.  Use the sweetened Hummingbird Chocolate cacao nibs as a delicious crunchy alternative to nuts. 


Take your French toast & pancakes to the next level.  Your baked apples will thank you too!  Add some maple cinnamon baked pecans to your next salad.


An excellent accompaniment to your favourite sparerib or stir fry recipes.  Pair with hard cheese on a charcuterie board.


Mmmm….with fruit – especially grilled peaches.  Add some vanilla infused maple to your smoothies & popsicles!

Coffee – with special thanks to our friends at Equator Coffee

Elevate your favourite cup of java with a splash of coffee infused maple syrup.  It’s an excellent sweetener at your breakfast or brunch table.  Have a favourite coffee cake recipe?  Mmmm – add some coffee infused maple syrup. 

Mocktails / Cocktails

Use your favourite infused maple syrup instead of simple syrups in your beverages.

Recipe ideas to come soon. For now check out our other recipes!